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Smooth Ambler, Old Scout Straight Rye

Smooth Ambler, Old Scout Straight Rye

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Nose: Smooth Ambler has enjoyable Rye aromas, the peppermint really jumped out of the glass, followed by root beer/cola, cinnamon and citrus/lime. Buried deep in the nose is cherry (like a cherry ice).

Palate: Right off the bat this whiskey is spicy and bold, with plenty of citrus, orange oil, peppermint and cola. With a drop of water caramel and cocoa flavors emerge.

Comments: Although this rye is spicy when it enters the mouth it is not rough or harsh. At 99 proof I was expecting some heat, but the 7 years in oak seems to have taken the rough edges off this whiskey.
Unlike many of the whiskies from new micro distilleries that are popping up all over the country this one has decent length.
Overall a decent new rye that’s worth adding to your collection.

Alc/Vol: 50%

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