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Rock Hill Farms, Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Rock Hill Farms, Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Nose: A nice and complex nose of chocolate covered cherries, coconut and caramel apple, eventually turning to cedar box and licorice. A pleasure to stick your nose into.
Palate: Enters the mouth smoothly then a nice soft spice builds. There are flavors of chocolate, brown sugar and caramel mixed with spiced clove and apples. Perfumed cherry shows up in the nice long finish.
Comments: Years ago I read a review for this bourbon stating that it had flavors of white, milk and dark chocolate all at the same time. I could not wait to try it, when I opened the bottle and tried it for the first time there was chocolate but the apple and cherry fruit flavors came though stronger. Returning to the bottle months later the chocolate was much more dominate and you could taste the each of the three types. As I returned to this bottle a year later the caramel, roasted coconut and licorice seem to dominate.
Drinks very smoothly for a 100 proof bourbon.

Rock Hill is is made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Click here for our Distilleries Map and see where Rock Hill is made.
Alc/Vol: 50%
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