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Malt [mawlt]
(noun) 1.) Germinated grain, usually barley, used in brewing and distilling.
(verb) 2.) To convert (grain) into malt by soaking it in water and allowing it to germinate.

Buzz [buhz]
(noun) 1.) A low, vibrating, humming sound, as of bees, or people talking.
(slang) 2.) A feeling of intense enthusiasm, excitement, or exhilaration.

Malt Buzz [mawlt buhz]
(noun) 1.) A great source for reviews, information, and everything malt related.

product reviews

Hirsch, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Small Batch Reserve

Nose: At first the nose of this bourbon smelled like fresh peeled bananas with hints of chocolate. Sounds yummy, but it...

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High West Distillery, Bourye batch #7, Bottle #63

Nose: I loved this nose, sweet vanilla, sandalwood, and cinnamon. Plus Bright peppermint, and hints of dill from...

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Port Charlotte, An Turas Mor, Islay Single Malt Whisky AKA The Peat Project

Nose: The unmistakable smoke and peat of an Islay jumps from the glass and fills the room, but the peat is somehow...

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Bruichladdich, The Laddie Ten, 10 year old Islay Single Malt Scotch

Nose: Judging by the color the Laddie Ten sees a little more sherry barrel than I would have thought from...

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Firestone Walker, 15th Anniversary Ale

I had high hopes for this beer since Parabola and Abacus; two other beers in the Firestone Walker Reserve Series were...

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Jim Beam, Devil’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose: Spiced vanilla greets the nose before giving way to cherries and mint Palate: The cherry again shows up in the...

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