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Ledaig Port Finish Single Malt Scotch

Ledaig Port Finish Single Malt Scotch

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Nose: Aromas of peat and iodine lead to smoky tangerine, and hints of vanilla cookie dough.
Palate: Starts off sweet and then turns smoky with flavors of oranges and black pepper. This Single Malt has the aggressive nature of a young Scotch, but is not hot or rough. The long finish offers hints of iodine.
Comments: This Scotch is delicious. The level of smoke and iodine approach that of an Islay Scotch, but the sweetness of the port wood finish creates a beautiful balance. I love the interplay between the sweet fruit flavors and smoky peat and that is why I score this scotch so highly. Sadly I haven’t been able to find this Scotch in years.

Alc/vol: 43%

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