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Is Scotch, Whiskey?

Is Scotch, Whiskey?

Q. Is Scotch, Whiskey?
A. Yes absolutely, Scotch is a type whiskey that comes from Scotland.
Scotch Whiskey and whiskey in general has a number of technical and somewhat boring rules governing its production, but since my aim is very simple definitions I’ll have to go with; a distilled spirit that is made from any of these grains barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, corn or wheat. And a simple explanation of the whisky distillation process would be, taking the grains grinding them, then soaking them in hot water to release the sugars. Adding some yeast to ferment the sugars and create alcohol. Then taking this wash (sometimes called beer) and heating it in a still to separate the alcohol from all the other ingredients in the wash. Along with the alcohol come some of the flavors from the grain. It is then aged in oak barrels, and if it has been made in Scotland it may be called Scotch whisky.
Just as there are many type of whiskey, there are also many types of Scotch whisky, single malt, blended, pure malt, vatted, cask strength, independent bottling. For a quick explanation of each type, check out Types of Scotch Whisky.

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