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Hirsch, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Small Batch Reserve

Hirsch, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Small Batch Reserve

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Nose: At first the nose of this bourbon smelled like fresh peeled bananas with hints of chocolate. Sounds yummy, but it gets even better. Since I tried this whiskey a few weeks after thanksgiving I realized it smelled exactly like my mom’s banana crème pie. Exactly. I also noticed slight notes of Charcoal, which is not exactly an aroma in my mother’s desserts.
Palate: Unfortunately the palate does not compare to the nose. Its medium bodied, a little hot, with a little banana.
Comments: This is a very affordable bourbon, and I think that is what saves this bottling, if it was more expensive I doubt I would give this whiskey another thought. The nose is great, the palate is ok, and the price is good so I will be buying this bourbon again.
Alc/Vol: 92%
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