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Evan William Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon WineMasters Barrel #2

Evan William Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon WineMasters Barrel #2

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Nose: The aromas in this bourbon changed every ten minutes, at first citrus and apple filled the nose. Before big-time vanilla, marshmallow, coconut and chocolate take over. After a while the aromas turned to butterscotch/toffee, nuts and caramel, making it smell exactly like pecan pie.
Palate: Not as rich and full as some Evan William Single Barrels, I’d call it medium bodied. Oak flavors with a touch of charcoal are present, but overall the predominate flavor is caramel.
Comments: I feel all of the Evan Williams Single Barrels offer good bang for your buck.

Evan Williams bottles their own Single Barrel so when I was first approached to buy a single barrel of Evan Williams I was a little reluctant. I figured that Evan Williams would hold their best barrels for themselves and offer us the rest, but this is the second barrel I have purchased so far, and I have tried both of the barrels side by side with the Evan Williams 1999 and 2000 single barrels and felt each of the Winemasters single barrels were better, and if you’re thinking that I am just saying this because I have purchased and am now trying to sell the Winemasters Single Barrels, have no fear the first barrel is already sold out and the second will most likely be sold out before you read this.
PS I think that was the longest run on sentence in the history of the internet. I guess you shouldn’t write a review after a glass of Evan Williams.
If you’ve had this Whiskey please feel free to leave your notes below as a comment.


  1. Hey Ron checkout this article on how installing your own Air Conditioner can score you some really old whiskies. 13 preprohibition bourbons and ryes hidden under the floorboards in his attic. I can’t tell if this is the greatest whiskey story or the greatest AC story.

    • James
      Thanks for the article. 13 bottles of rye or bourbon is a fantastic score. If he could sell them for the amoumt they mention in the article it might make putting a central air system into your attic by yourself worthwhile.

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