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Cyrus Noble, Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, 90 Proof

Cyrus Noble, Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, 90 Proof

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Nose: At first subtle aromas of butter cookie dough fills the glass, before it is dominated by massive aromas of buttered toffee. After a while in the glass hazelnut takes over, making me wonder how I ever missed it to begin with. Subtle notes of oolong tea show up though out.

Palate: Sweetness is what caught my attention when this bourbon entered the mouth. The buttered toffee and hazelnut are the most prevalent flavors on the palate. This is a good clean whiskey.

Comments: This whiskey is very smooth, so that I checked the alcoholic strength thinking it might be lowered to 80 proof, it’s not. I’m not sure how long the bottle I sampled was opened for, but it was almost empty by the time it got to me.

Cyrus Noble is made at the Heaven Hill distillery in Kentucky for the Haas Brothers in San Francisco.  It has been aged for five years in new American white oak barrels.

Alc/Vol: 45%

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