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Cyrus Noble, Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, 90 Proof

Nose: At first subtle aromas of butter cookie dough fills the glass, before it is dominated by massive aromas of...

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Widow Jane, Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose: Aromas of oak dominate the nose, along with cinnamon, peppermint and ocean/brine notes. With a little time tea...

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Evan William Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon WineMasters Barrel #2

Nose: The aromas in this bourbon changed every ten minutes, at first citrus and apple filled the nose. Before big-time...

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Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose: The nose was a little closed when I opened this bottle, but after a little air, aromas of caramel and...

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William Larue Weller, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Nose: Coconut, vanilla, chocolate and mint emerges in this uncut, unfiltered bourbon. Hints of raisins show up after a...

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Rock Hill Farms, Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Nose: A nice and complex nose of chocolate covered cherries, coconut and caramel apple, eventually turning to cedar box...

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