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Welcome to Malt Buzz, I hope you find this website useful.
My name is Ron Carter and I am a Beer and Whiskey lover, I own The Wine Seller a liquor store in Ridgewood NJ.  Every day I get to talk to customers about Single Malts, Bourbons or Beer. Over the years I’ve tasted and kept tasting notes on every type of whiskey. These notes are not like glossy sales brochures filled with fluff that a distillery might use to sell their products.  Instead they are the same simply descriptions I would use when someone in my store asks me “what‘s this bottle like”?

But Malt Buzz is not just whiskey and beer reviews. It’s also filled with all kinds of whisky and beer information. So if you have a question about whiskey or beer make Malt Buzz your first stop for simple straight forward answers stripped clean of all the technical gobbledygook. Here we’ll start with an easy one.

  • Q. What is Malt Buzz?
  • A. Malt is the main ingredient in many of my favorite things, Whisky, Beer, Malted Milkshakes, and Maltballs. And Malt Buzz is a website dedicated to at least two of these things, whisky and beer.

I Hope You Enjoy.